[Patch 0.3.1 Release] New mage passives and alternate spells have arrived!

Patch 0.3.1: New Passives and Alternate Spells!


Patch 0.3.1 drops with brand new Alternate spells and mage specific passives!

Annihilate your opponents with these new perks!


Patch 0.3.1

- Added new mage specific passives

- Fire Mage: Decimate your challenger with larger fireballs when the divide spell is used.

- Air Mage: Blow your opponent away with a faster charge on your bolt spell!

- Earth Mage: Gain more mana with every other projectile gaining double mana!

- Ice Mage: Control the battle with an enhanced slow spell!


- Added new alternate spells

- Players will unlock alternates by achieving multiple victories in any game mode.

- Divide Alternate: The divide spell will split up and down instead of side to side.

- Familiar Alternate: Rynn attacks slower but his projectiles will give you one additional mana!

- Ward Alternate: Put down a placeable ward as a static object, however, players will still not be able to recast unless it is destroyed!

- Bolt Alternate: Generate a second projectile on cast to overwhelm the enemy!

- Slow Alternate: Slow projectiles even further with a longer lasting slow spell!


Rynn plushie race has begun!

- The first player to achieve 5000 online victories will win our one of a kind Rynn plushie!

- Players will be able to track their victories via built in achievements!

- The first player to win 5000 online matches must send a screenshot of their steam profile with the achievement to 8thShore@Gmail.com.



Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a networking issue with the new matchmaking.

- Miscellaneous small bug fixes.