[Match Making] Patch 0.3.0: A new way to play Multiplayer!

Experience multiplayer in a new way as Patch 0.3.0 brings us a new way to play multiplayer!


Before our full release update 'Patch 1.0' we would like to make some changes to the current multiplayer matchmaking system to give players a higher chance to find an opponent. After listening to your feedback, we have implemented a new system. This system allows players to host multiplayer lobbies while playing in all single player modes! Once the servers have found you an opponent, your opponent will be able to spectate while you finish your single player match. Once the match has finished, you and your opponent will be transferred to the multiplayer ready menu. 

Our new system will make hosting multiplayer more enjoyable for players! Players will no longer be restricted to free practice while hosting. This small update will allow players to hone their skills while awaiting their challengers! We hope players will enjoy our new multiplayer coming in our small update very very soon!