[Patch 0.3.1 Release] New mage passives and alternate spells have arrived!

Patch 0.3.1: New Passives and Alternate Spells!


Patch 0.3.1 drops with brand new Alternate spells and mage specific passives!

Annihilate your opponents with these new perks!


Patch 0.3.1

- Added new mage specific passives

- Fire Mage: Decimate your challenger with larger fireballs when the divide spell is used.

- Air Mage: Blow your opponent away with a faster charge on your bolt spell!

- Earth Mage: Gain more mana with every other projectile gaining double mana!

- Ice Mage: Control the battle with an enhanced slow spell!


- Added new alternate spells

- Players will unlock alternates by achieving multiple victories in any game mode.

- Divide Alternate: The divide spell will split up and down instead of side to side.

- Familiar Alternate: Rynn attacks slower but his projectiles will give you one additional mana!

- Ward Alternate: Put down a placeable ward as a static object, however, players will still not be able to recast unless it is destroyed!

- Bolt Alternate: Generate a second projectile on cast to overwhelm the enemy!

- Slow Alternate: Slow projectiles even further with a longer lasting slow spell!


Rynn plushie race has begun!

- The first player to achieve 5000 online victories will win our one of a kind Rynn plushie!

- Players will be able to track their victories via built in achievements!

- The first player to win 5000 online matches must send a screenshot of their steam profile with the achievement to 8thShore@Gmail.com.



Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a networking issue with the new matchmaking.

- Miscellaneous small bug fixes.


[Patch 0.3.1] Annihilate your challenger with new Alternate Spells!

Ever feel that urge to bombard your opponent with fireballs? Well now you can!
[Update 0.3.1] will bring spell load outs, spell progression, and alternate spells! 


Spell load-outs and spell progression have always been on our minds since we released. With the addition of alternate spells, players will be able to change their play style on how they want to time their spells. Alternate spells grant players one 'alternate' variation of our default five spells bolt, divide, familiar, ward, and slow. These spells can be unlocked after achieving a certain amount of single player and multiplayer victories.  

We aim for more engaging game play for our new and veteran players! These spells will be available for everyone to unlock in our upcoming patch. Simply win any mode in single player and these destructive spells are yours to keep forever. See you in the arenas! 

Like mage passives, alternate spells expand the realm of how players want to execute their strategies. These additional spells have both positive and negative aspects which means players will need to find a way to use them efficiently and take advantage of certain situations. Alternate spells and their effects are listed as the following:

Divide Alternate: "Vertical Divide" Divide spell splits up and down instead of side to side. Use this to hurtle vertical ricocheting projectiles to your opponent! 

Familiar Alternate: Rynn will attack slower but his projectiles will grant you one additional mana! Use this as an advantage to cast more spells!

Ward Alternate: Put down a place-able ward to act as a static shield! However, you will not be able to cast another until it is destroyed!

Bolt Alternate "Barage:" Generate a second projectile to pincer your enemy! This version of bolt takes longer to charge and is slightly slower, make sure to use it well! 


[Race to 5k!] Reach 5000 victories and win our Rynn plushie!

Mages, would you like to win our special Rynn plushie? It's super duper cute! We're hosting a special event in which the first player to reach 5,000 online PVP victories will receive our exclusive Rynn plushie! 


Rynn is your friendly wyvern companion that will always be by your side. Whether it's dueling another mage, fighting a mythical creature, or just relaxing in your study, Rynn will always keep a close eye on you!

In order to track these victories, we will be adding Steam achievements and victory counters in our upcoming July 6th Patch. The first player to get this achievement will send a screenshot containing the achievement and your steam name/ID to our developer account.(https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198350339965/) Our race starts on July 6th, use this week to hone your skills to take down your challengers! Good luck!