[Patch 0.3.1] Turn the tide of battle with Mage Passives!

Mages, take the battle to the next level with new passive abilities. Patch 0.3.1 introduces our new mage passive abilities, each mage now has a special variation of one our combat spells. Use these new abilities to outsmart and take down your opponents!

As we move closer to our full release patch, we want to give our new and returning players a more exciting way to play the game. Mage passives allow players to strategically use their abilities to turn the tide of a battle. Each mage is currently assigned one passive ability. Mage passives are automatically activated when the player casts one of the combat spells! Each of the mage's passives correlate with their elements, so make sure you remember what your passive is!

Mage Specific Passives are listed as the following, make sure to take advantage of them in combat! 

Fire Mage: Create massive fireballs when the divide spell is used, use this when your opponent is out of position! 

Air Mage: Blow your opponent away with a faster charge on your bolt spell! 

Earth Mage: Overwhelm your opponent with spells as every other auto attack grants you one additional mana! 

Ice Mage: Control the speed of the battle with an enhanced slow spell! Use this to counter fast flying projectiles! 


Mage passives will be available to all players when patch [0.3.1] releases very soon! As we move closer to our full release, be sure to watch out for more game changing updates. See you on the battlefield!